The Village Attorney is appointed by the president with the concurrence of the Board of Trustees. Some of the duties of the Village Attorney include:

  • Advising the president and Board of Trustees or any Village officer on all legal questions arising in the conduct of Village business
  • Approving as to form all bonds required to be submitted to the Village
  • Attending all Board of Trustee meetings for the purpose of giving members of the board any legal advice requested
  • Attending such meetings of statutory boards and commissions as may be directed by the Village President, Board of Trustees, or by the Village Manager
  • Defending Village officials in litigation not covered by insurance
  • Giving legal opinions to the Village President, Board of Trustees, or Village Manager when so requested
  • Preparing and revising ordinances, rules, and regulations when requested by the Board of Trustees
  • Preparing for execution, or approving as to form, all contracts and instruments to which the village is a party
  • Prosecuting village ordinance violation cases when requested by the Village President, Board of Trustees or Village Manager

Local prosecutions are handled by legal counsel retained by the Village.