Storm Event Information

Stay Safe

If your home or business received water please read After the Flood before proceeding.

  • Never enter a flooded portion of a building or exterior area.
  • If you smell gas or if any of your gas or oil appliances were flooded, call the gas company from a neighbor's phone or cell phone (outside of the house) and have the system checked by a professional.
  • Never handle any connected electrical cords or appliances that are submerged if electricity is still on. Electrical appliances that have been submerged should not be used until you have consulted with the appliance service company. Some appliances such as TV sets and radios can be a shock hazard even when unplugged.
  • While the basement is still flooded, avoid flushing toilets or using other plumbing fixtures because the resulting discharge will make the basement more difficult to clean. If you have a private septic system, it should not be used until the flood waters subside.
  • Never use gas pumps/generators or grills inside. These create deadly carbon monoxide exhaust fumes.
  • Never run extension cords across streets.
  • Be on the lookout for animals that may have taken refuge from the water.

Please read HOME REPAIR Know your Consumer Rights. Your contractor is required by state law to give you a copy to read, sign, and keep.

Building Permits

Permits are required for all activities for which a permit is customarily issued: The activities for which a permit is required include - but are not limited to:

  • Any work that adds, removes, replaces or relocates any structure, door, window, siding, drywall, plaster, paneling, or other building component.
  • Replacement of any heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment (furnaces, boilers, air conditioners)
  • Roof replacement or repairs. **

Permits ARE NOT required for floor covering, paint or wallpaper.

An Electrical Permit is required for any activity that opens an electrical panel, junction box, switch or receptacle outlet.** Electrical Permits ARE NOT required for plug & cord connected appliances.

The activities for which a Plumbing Permit is required include- but are not limited to**

  • Water heater replacement
  • Flood control system installation, including backwater valve and/or overhead sewer

Plumbing Permits ARE NOT required for plug & cord connected sump pump replacement.

Generator Permits

Generator Permits are required for the installation of a new or replacement Generator. ** Standard permit fees apply for new generators.

*Storm-related permit fee waivers are subject to Village of Oak Brook verification and approval. They are limited to existing and functional building components that are damaged.

** Licensed Electricians, Plumbers and Roofing Contractors are required to provide a signature and verification of current license with the permit application.

Mold Prevention and General Clean-Up Information:

Natural Gas Service

Nicor has provided a Nicor severe weather safety. Residents who have natural gas meters or appliances under water SHOULD NOT attempt to turn them off. Nicor can be reached at (888) 642-6748.